Wednesday, December 23, 2009


saya tak faham larh.maybe its the only way?

Christmas is coming soon, two more days and it brings me hope.[=

TRUE HOPE. TRUE LOVE. smiles. stay strong for the Lord! (=

Monday, December 21, 2009

Is it you? I'm confused.
God lead me.....

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Back to where i belong.

I'm back after a week's breakaway.
This short break was kinda cool. i like it.(smiles)
Actually i enjoyed it because of being with my family. It was really nice.
but it was really short, i seriously want more holidays!
I got something from someone, some motivation.
Let's not hope it fade away quickly...

umm.i wanted to stay for tonight's event in my church-the artist Moses Lim came.
but i couldnt because tmr got a 8am lecture.
Dad and mom sent me back today, so sweet of them to do that.
Dad gave me a table lamp for Christmas. haha.
because he wants me to study.haha.><

I've got lots to catch up this week.
and next week its Christmas! I love Christmas!!
There is hope and it reminds me of the greatest gift (LOVE)
from my heavenly Abba father.
His never changing love.unfailing love.everlasting love.
prepared Christmas gifts and need to start wrapping..hah!
I cleared my room, and am satisfied with the look of it now.

p.s/; i love my guys rawks!

Live like there's no tomorrow! hee.

Friday, December 18, 2009


Had a great time today! went to Cameron Highlands early in the morning.
Had dinner with Unc Daniel & family.
got the motivation i needed.hope it doesn't fades away.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ipoh trip

woke up at 0845pm.
showered. play fb game. listened to jaysean-down.
uncle sham came to pick us.
We reached there around 1000am.
We were super place was crowded.
bought the entrance ticket and went in.
We got a locker which cost
We went to the dry land first. we got onto the pirate ship and
den we went to the wetland to
it was kinda fun.hahha.
got christmas pressies & souvenir for peeps!=]
all of us got kena sunburnt!!>< can tell more! nahhh! (:


lil' bro loves to act cute!lolsss.:D

the kiddies.

THE Ladiesss!

the lost


Height requirement-90cm.(=

Imitating : Hwang Tae Kyung.<3

buying tix.

3power girls,1power!!!!XD

water park.

drink stall.-.-



killing??(why?) idk..

1st stop-pirate ship.

next, mini-train.weee~

then, dragon flight!! (:

queuing up.

lil' bro, mom and muaa.

the muaa and wahh sisterss.

Giddy ride, makes me feel like vomiting. (:

The prince, princess and the frog.


the cute worker.but what's with the costume?
hehhe.very funny costume.

kepura cave.

to get our tubiesss.

RAWR! Mr tiger.

Mr & Mrs Swan

Their kidss! lol-ing!-.-

Getting out of the pool.hahaha.

yay! posing to the cammie!

on the tubiess.

under the romantic

read-side ways - No. eight.

FF (Family Feetsss)

The AWESOME four!

going home.tiring but satisfied.


Day 2

went to eat nga choi kai.



new updates : got a new bottle (:

161209.I finally told him how i feel.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

cute boy...

He's really cute!! talented tooo.ahah!
watch this! smileess (: